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Three Alternatives to Objective C for iOS Development

Are you interested in building an iOS app, but not eager to learn Objective-C? You’re not alone! Objective-C is chained by the bonds of C compatibility, and when compared to dynamic languages and their frameworks, such as Ruby and Rails, it is not the most pleasant thing to jump into. Although the power C based languages offer can be extremely useful, it seems that in the modern age of software development, iOS development could be made more pleasurable.

Thankfully, iOS software developers have choices!

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Go – Is it A Programming Language to Consider?

Go – Is it A Programming Language to Consider?

I’ve been researching up and coming programming languages, and Google’s Golang (Go) language looks very interesting! As far as web development, looks like the Revel framework may have a bit more maturing to do, but as far as efficiency, Go seems to have a lot of potential! Although ruby will remain my first love, Go looks to be a worthwhile language to learn. I’m also interested to see what happens with the open source project Skynet, which marries Go with Ruby via polyglot computing (basically seamlessly utilizing multiple programming languages as needed to get a job done) for building massively distributed apps.

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RVM Github Security Path Redirect Fails to githubusercontent Domain

On April 25, 2014, Github initiated the following security patch (

Unfortunately, the redirect from to was failing during chef provisioning for my team’s vagrant instance.

I forked rvm and updated appropriate instances of to to accommodate the Github security patch.

RVM has since been updated to include these updates in version 1.25.25. The issue was closed here.

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