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Found a really nice post about Git by MyWayOnRails (see above). Git is the predominant source controle solution (in my opinion) and I highly recommend it. I also recommend using Github, as it allows you to pull or commit your source code anytime, anywhere there is a wifi connection, which is excellent for me as I work predominantly out of coffe shops. I also feel software companies will continue to embrace telecommuting as a viable option for their employers, which makes source control systems like Git essential to learn.


Git is not inherently a traditional source code management system. Git can be rather said as a “Personal” source control system. By “personal” it means it doesn’t require any server to store the code, can maintain the revision records on the personal computer only.

Unlike in SVN, where all the changes are stored in a remote central server, in Git there is no concept of server. In git all the code or data is stored at all the user ends, each end user will have complete copy of the repository along with the history of changes.

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